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Super Stock (SS)

Champions & Record Holders

2011 High Point Champion

Simple Too


Sid Rennells


Boat # SS96

Total Races 15

Total Points 2996

Kilo Record

Sunset Chevrolet Special – Dave Villwock on 10-10-09 at Lincoln City, OR; 129.105 mph. Starfire hull. Chevrolet engine.

5-Mile (5 laps) Record

Sunset Chevrolet Special – Dave Villwock 99.552 mph on 4-5-09 at Yelm, WA.  hull. Starfire Chevrolet engine.


Minimum length of this boat is 16 feet powered by one U.S. built passenger car engine. Approved engines are 427 ci with fuel restricted to gasoline.

Paul Fitzgerald driving for Gee McClain put away that ‘hometown jinx’ last year with a North American Championship win. No doubt they look to keep the string going.