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Pro Stock (PS)

Champions & Record Holders

2011 High Point Champion




Tom Richmond


Boat # PS9

Total Races 9

Total Points 1520

Kilo Record

Sirius-Light Speed – Duff Daily driving John Brinton’s boat on 4-6-2006 at Crescent City, FL; 137.59 mph. D’cucci hull. Pontiac engine.

5-Mile (4 laps) Record

Sunset -Chevrolet Special – Dave Villwock PS400 107.347 mph on 4-10-10 at Lawrence Lake Yelm, WA. Hull Starfire Chevrolet Engine.

5-Mile (5 Laps ) Record

Dave Villwock PS400 98.652 mph at Lawrence Lake Yelm,Wa 4-11-10


Several Super Stocks will step up to run with the Pro Stocks. Hull must be a flatbottom in design. Maximum cubic inch displacement for engines in this class is 500 ci.

Fuel is restricted to pump, aviation and methanol blends.

Engine must mount rear of amidships and drive forward through Vee drive.

Hull length is 16 – 20 feet with no weight limit.

Several regional boats include Gee McClain, Tom Richmond and Peggy Wendt all look to be competitive in this really quick class.