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National Modified (NM)

Champions & Record Holders

2011 High Point Champion



Mack Elliott Shelton,WA.

Boat # NM33

Total Races 11

Total Points 2065


Kilo Record

Murjr’s Lauterbach Special – Larry Lauterbach on 10/16/05 Lincoln City, OR; 152.27 mph. Hull by Lauterbach. Gaerte engine.

5-Mile (4 laps) Record

Murjr’s Lauterbach Special – Larry Lauterbach 108.134 mph on 5/16/04 at Yelm, WA. Lauterbach Hull, Gaerte engine.

5 Mile (5 Laps) Record   Macks Out - Owner Mack Elliott , Driver Jeff Bernard 101.678 mph on 4/11/10 at Lawrence Lake ,Yelm Wa.


Minimum length of this boat is 19 feet. Weight limit of 1400 pounds. Approved engines are modified 308 and 368 cubic inch. Fuel restricted to methanol or gasoline.

Dorchester’s Tom Ebeling currently leads the nation in points in this tough fast class. Look for stiff competition to challenge this year as they compete for the prestigious Skeeter Johnson memorial.