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Jersey Speed Skiff (JS)

Champions & Record Holders

2011 High Point Champion


Trevor Kirsh


Long Branch,NJ




Boat # JS-100

Total Races 15

Total Points 2243


Kilo Record

Darby’s Rapture – Bill Darby on 4-6-2006 at Crescent City, FL; 85.092 mph. J & S hull. Chevrolet engine.

5-Mile (4 laps) Record

Flat Flyin – Bob Birdsall 70.894 mph on 6-26-94 at St Petersburg, Baron hull. Chevrolet engine.


Minimum length of this boat is 16 feet boat must be powered by one stock 283ci or 305ci automotive or marine engine. The boat must carry a crew of two. Weight is minimum of 1600 pounds and fuel is restricted to gasoline.

The former Chiro of the Sam and Charles Strickland had a very successful 2007 winning the NAC and the National Championship with very tough competition.

Jimmy Stewart of Annapolis continues to be a force as he pushed both the Chiro and Veri Cheri last year to get a third in the NAC.