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Grand National Hydro (GNH)

Champions & Record Holders

2011 High Point Champion

Deel Me In


James Deel


Total Races 7

Total Points 1490

Boat # GNH8

Kilo Record
Enterprise – Brad Mosier on 10-19=91 at Lincoln City, OR; 155.718 mph. Hull by Hanson. Chevrolet engine.

5-Mile (4 laps) Record

Flyin’ Hawaiian – Brian Reynolds 113.222 mph on 7-20-96 at Olympia, WA Karelsen hull. Oldsmobile engine.
5-Mile (5Laps) Record Flyin Hawaiian- Brian Reynolds 104.052 at Yelm,WA. Karelsen Hull-Oldsmobile Engine  


  • Minimum length of the hull is 20 feet. 
  • Weight limit of 1800 pounds. 
  • Approved engines are not to exceed 468 ci. 
  • Fuel is restricted to racing gasoline.

Last year’s National Champ Thom Heins of Marcus Hook, PA will be back in an attempt to repeat.

Locals will remember Sarge Johnson and his Sarge’s Barge.