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5 Litre Stock (E)

5 Litre HydroplaneChampions & Record Holders

2011 High Point Champion

Miss Peters & May



Jeff Bernard


Boat # E55

Total Races 15

Total Points 2703

Kilo Record

Chop Chop – on 10-11-08 at Lincoln City,OR 124.551 mph. Hull by Zimmerman/Jones Jr. Chevrolet engine.

5-Mile (5 laps) Record

E-72 – Jon Zimmerman; 85.127 mph on 4-11-10 at Lawrence Lake Yelm,WA.


Minimum length of this boat is 16 feet. Engine must be stock automotive such as Chrysler 273.5, Chevrolet 305 or Ford 302. Fuel is restricted to gasoline.

Talbot neighbor Don Thompson will have his Shameless Batt back this year with Tom Thompson as they seek to retain the National High Point title. Norfolk’s Jim Martin and the team of Ralph Cattaneo and Wheeler Baker also promise to be in the hunt of this exciting class.