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2.5 Litre Stock (S)

2.5 Litre Stock HydroplaneChampions & Record Holders

2011 High Point Champion

Mega Bucks

Dutch Squire Justin Squires



Boat  S83

Total Races 15

Total Points 3016

Kilo Record

Mega Bucks – Dutch Squires on 11-24-95 at Parker, AZ; 110.535 mph. Hull by Jones. Ford engine.

5-Mile (5 laps) Record

Megabucks – Dutch Squires 79.383 mph on 7-21-07 at Waterford,MI.  Henderson/Squires hull. Ford engine.


Minimum length of the boat is 13 feet 6 inches. Engines must be stock automotive engines such as approved Ford Pinto 2000cc OHC or Ford 2.3 Litre. Fuel is restricted to gasoline.

These pump gas fueled, 4 cylinder motors offer an exciting deck to deck race every year.

Locally this class has been represented by some greats George Cusick, Jim Ruark and Bobby Brown. Ken Walton and Sidney Johnson will have the home crowd advantage.