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1 Litre Modified Hydroplane (Y)

Champions & Record Holders

2011 High Point Champion
Fast Eddie Too – Jim Sechler of Farmington Hills MI

Total Races 15

Total Points 3143

Kilo Record

Fast Eddie Too –Dan Kanfoush on 10/12/08 at Lincoln City, OR

111.633 mph. Hull by Henderson Yamaha engine.

5-Mile (4 laps) Record

Y’s Guy – Jim Sechler of Farmington Hills MI and driven by Dan Kanfoush; 87.34 at Hillsboro, OH on 9-16-07. Hull by Henderson. Yamaha engine.


Get creative! These 4-stronke or 2-stroke powered speed demons are reaching top speeds of 105 mph+.

Fast growing and exciting.

Region IV has several teams competing in this class with Keith McMullen, Bob Wilson, Valerie Wilson, Terry Browning and James Dixon each be looking to have big Maryland win.

A growing class will provide deck to deck competition this year with several teams running 2 cycle ‘jet-ski’ motors.